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Welcome to T-Shirts Printing Amsterdam, your specialist in high-quality, custom-printed clothing in the heart of the Netherlands vibrant capital. We are located in Amsterdam, a city world-renowned for its deep history, unique culture, and beautiful canals.

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T-Shirts Printing Amsterdam is known for its expertise and experience in providing quality, custom-printed textiles to a wide range of customers, particularly businesses, organizations, and event planners. We understand that t-shirts printing is an effective and powerful way to promote your brand, message, or event, and we are here to assist you in bringing your creative ideas to life.

We also value the importance of clear and efficient communication. We’re proud to assure you that our team at T-Shirts Printing Amsterdam is proficient in English. This means we can communicate easily and effectively with our customers, no matter where they come from.

Our skilled staff are ready to assist you in English, from your first inquiry to the moment your order is completed. This commitment to customer service allows us to meet your specific needs and prevent any potential misunderstandings or confusion. We look forward to making your t-shirts printing journey a seamless and enjoyable experience.

What we can do for you

  • We can modify an existing logo for you. However, you can also provide a ready-made logo for textile printing.
  • We convert – if necessary – your logo into the correct digital files needed for textile printing.
  • We assist and advise you in choosing the right textiles. We have an international network of certified textile suppliers with an online catalog.
  • We advise you on the right method of textile printing (screen printing or digital transfers). The choice depends on your logo and the textiles.
  • We have our own transport service, so we can also assist you with the distribution of your textiles.
  • You will receive a clear and non-obligatory quote from us immediately, so you know where you stand.

In short, with all our experience, we can fully unburden you in the field of textile printing. And due to the short lines of communication within our company, you receive personal attention.

To offer the above services at a competitive price, we do have a minimum purchase of 25 pieces of textile.

Let’s recap the advantages of choosing T-Shirts Printing Amsterdam

  • You’ll always receive a direct answer to your question and a quick price quote.
  • Immediate advice on textiles and the printing technique to be used.
  • A personal and professional approach.
  • An in-house design department, so we can assist you with the design.
  • Our own transport service for fast delivery in and around Amsterdam.

Meet T-Shirts Printing Amsterdam: your Textile printing experts

T-Shirts Printing Amsterdam is an initiative by the Amsterdam-based company, Nik-Nak design, founded in 1991 by Ed van de Wijgerd and Wendy Schonk.

Over the past 30 years, we have specialized in both designing logos and prints as well as managing textile printing. This means we assist and advise you throughout the entire process, from the initial idea to the finished product. From printed tees to printed sweaters, polo's etc, you name it and we print it!

Ed van de Wijgerd handles everything in the field of textile printing, and our son Mick van de Wijgerd leads the studio.

We specialize in handling large orders, ensuring your order is handled with care and precision, regardless of its size. With our team of experienced professionals, advanced printing technologies, and our dedication to quality, we guarantee that your printed t-shirts will not only look great but also effectively convey your message.

At T-Shirts Printing Amsterdam, you can count on quality, reliability, and personal service that will exceed your expectations. Whether you need t-shirts for a large-scale corporate event, a sports team, or a marketing campaign, we are your trusted partner. For every t-shirt printing near me we offer the best services and the right quotes.

Customized T-Shirts Print by T-Shirts Printing Amsterdam

At T-Shirts Printing Amsterdam, we are experts in translating your ideas and designs into high-quality, customized products. If you’re looking for a professional customized t-shirts print, we are your reliable partner. Our experienced staff and advanced printing technologies ensure that your vision comes to life on every t-shirts we print. From large-scale corporate events to marketing campaigns, we have the expertise to make your project a reality.

Contact us and discover how T-Shirts Printing Amsterdam can help bring your unique, customized t-shirts print to life. We look forward to working on your next project.

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  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Always personal attention
  • All printing techniques under one roof
  • Lowest price, fast quote
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